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Sounds Like Graffiti.
Personal Community Radio - Content by the people for the people.

Collaborating with great prodcuers.

Making audio plays that are site specific and heard by people on mobile phones. By site specific we mean, a geographically contained location - initially in London - like a housing estate, park or community centre.

Through out-reach we work with the people of this location to generate stories about their lives in that place. We plan these contributions to come from people whose stories are seldom heard.

We work with professional writers and actors to turn these stories into short sound plays. These will be then be able to be heard in and around the locations which inspired them.

Distributed over the internet and mobile phones so people can listen to the plays as they pass through these places.

The audience would include the local communities, people visiting the area from London and beyond who would come to consume this public art.

We hope that among other things this art will help to regenerate the community. Raising the awareness and image of the location and its people.

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