Our work includes all stages of the development process from exploration, strategy, market research and branding to planning, designing, implementation and testing. We also build prototypes and have launched our own ventures and digital services.

Some of our projects

Ideas come to you in the strangest of places.

‘Cos kids like to text and it can make them healthy too

A range of mens shoes for Camper inspired by London

A touch phone for a converged world

Your garden, your showroom

Weglu friends together

A SEA Venture

Launched together with Channel 4 in conjunction with their leading youth programme Skins in April 2008. A world first converged mobile web and email platform that brings your address book to life and delivers full multimedia content with drag and drop simplicity.

Learning Everywhere

A SEA Venture

We worked with Culture Online, a department of the DCMS, together with cultural venues across the UK and leading experts on education from schools and CLIC to create the 'future of learning' a service we have launched as our first venture called OOKL. We designed and built the converged mobile and web platform. It was trialled during 2006 with 5000 students aged 8 and above and is now being rolled out across the country.

Small Cells for NEC connecting the world

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Get in touch with Paul if you’d like to create your innovation roadmap

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