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New services strategy, New strapline

Experience drives new strategy across telecommunications


Leading the internal marketing team and their agencies to help create a new service led strategy for 2016. Ensuring this was underpinned by the 'truths' facing the business and its customers across the above four dimensions that were in play, planned or likely to happen in the market. (They also faced the impact and implications of the potential sale of O2 to Hutchison 3 - this didn't happen due to the regulators intervention).

Most importantly, was what new and existing services O2 would have in the market during the year and how those services could consistently deliver experiences that justified any new brand strategy promise - and it's resultant new advertising 'strap line'. These services included the first of a line of new 'internet of things' proposiitons for the home control / security and car insurance markets.

The strap line became 'More for you.' replacing "Be more dog.' which had been used since 2013. This was derived from a new guiding narrative centred around service to deliver personal connected experiences.

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