The Idea Board. A world first mobile-centric cross platfrom multimedia messaging service. Design, Build and Launch

Innovation for sharing Ideas whenever and wherever you have them

Because ideas come to you in the strangest of places. 2002

We designed, developed and built a digital platform that allowed people to share and comment on ideas using text messages, email and a simple web interface.

This service required us to develop text messaging short code numbers that were the first to be programmed into and across all of the UK's mobile operators network messaging centres. This inclusive approach made sure anyone could use the service regardless of their network provider.

The service was a precursor to many of the current 'over the top platforms' and messaging favourites like Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram as well as text messaging services for voting, donating and other applications now in common use across all media channels. The intuitive web interface was praised for the level of simplicity that was rarely seen in digital design in 2002.

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