Currently consulting to companies who want to make a positive difference, London and worldwide.

I believe in designing for the future: in building sustainable, simple and thoughtful experiences. I focus on the details that matter but ensure they add up to something meaningful, whether it's a service that 'just works' or an experience that truly wows.

A creative, entrepreneurial and strategic designer of businesses. Building, inspiring and leading teams and world class brands. I have a passion for people and a track record in creating innovative and award winning design, cultures, teams and services. I specialise in seamlessly integrating the physical and digital worlds through design led innovation to create great experiences. I’ve worked globally, collaborating in over 35 countries and believe in applying the principles of sustainable purpose for better social, economic and environmental outcomes.

As a strategic leader, I’ve worked internationally in over 35 countries, launched two start-ups, lecture on design and branding at UCL and am a mentor helping social entreprenuers. I seek and nurture creative excellence at every touch-point. I'm a passionate student of real-world design, users, consumers, trends, competitors, technology and culture. Through listening, learning and mining insights, I fight for work that is engaging, caring and creative.

I'm a believer that design can make the world a better place. That innovation starts with understanding the needs of our audiences and is the process of understanding how people, places, tools and services can be adapted to create the best experience and outcomes for everyone involved.

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