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Led by Paul Phillips, Creative Managing Director. The SEA brings you vast experience and access to experts in branding, strategy, product and service design and development. SEA stands for Science, Ecology and Art.

Paul has worked for companies as diverse as Knoll, Tesco and Orange until 2004, when he joined the SEA.

The SEA are a professional services company. We provide service innovation and work at the forefront of design and technology to improve your services. We are experts in marketing, design, technology and engineering. This gives a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to all our work.

All of the SEA's innovation services can be applied to help you improve your existing services or invent genuinely new ones.

The SEA have extensive experience of helping to develop business strategies and design solutions for a range of industries and organisations. A large number of these projects look into the future of digital services for mobile, web, TV and PC environments.

Our Service Innovation mantra is: True innovation happens when you inject ideas, energy and belief into your business. This never happens in isolation or in air-conditioned meeting rooms. It’s also about courage. Let go of the past and make the case for moving your organisation forward.

The SEA network includes amongst others:

Daren Cook, who has over 17 years experience working with high profile brands across the world. During his 10 years at Wolff Olins he helped transform Hutchison Microtel to Orange and designed the iconic Orange logo.

Margaret Oscar provides support for messaging and tone of voice development as well as detailed copywriting. Margaret is one of

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Get in touch with Paul if you’d like to collaborate